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tv   Headline News  RT  June 13, 2014 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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coming up on r t in iraq radical militants may soon target the country's capital this is after isis captured two major cities on course set for baghdad we'll give you the latest just ahead. and beyond this year's exciting world cup in twenty twenty two the games will be held in qatar but construction to host the future games as led to the deaths of migrant workers and concerns about working conditions more on that coming up. and with a pedia has a lot of information but don't trust it with your health scientists warn that looking up health info on with a pedia can lead to a bad diagnosis more on that later in the show.
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it's friday june thirteenth four pm in washington d.c. i'm manila chan and you're watching r.t. america insurgents are now closing in on baghdad the latest reports show that isis and offshoot of al qaeda are closing in on the volatile country's capital and just this week alone isis captured key cities across iraq including mosul and to create a sensually eliminating the border between iraq and syria president obama held a press conference earlier today where he put a war weary nation at ease stating that the u.s. would not be placing boots on the ground and confirmed that other options are on the table but he didn't rule out military action completely take a listen. the united states is not simply going to involve itself in a military action in the absence of
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a political plan. by the iraqis that gives us some assurance that they're prepared to work together we're not going to allow ourselves to be dragged back into a situation in which while we're there we're keeping a lid on things and after enormous sacrifices by us as soon as we're not there suddenly people end up acting in ways that are not conducive to the long term stability and prosperity of the country and critics of iraqi prime minister nouri al maliki have said he has driven the sunni's into the arms of military policies against them on the flip side though they are rocky security forces have abandoned their post and droves as pundits claim the prime minister has not garnered enough loyalty from these men not enough for them to die for him and with iraq close to buckling under extreme violence from insurgents and what appears to be the threat
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of a very bloody civil war fragmenting the country into sunni shiite and kurdish states artie's meghan lopez is here to provide a broader look at the region and the ongoing issues within iraq. as the violence and volatility in iraq become more dire by the day the unrest is spilling into neighboring countries syria jordan iran turkey kuwait and saudi arabia our own keeping their eye on baghdad so let's take a look at how these other countries are fairing at the moment we begin in syria a country that has been fighting a civil war of its own for the past four years the islamic state of iraq in the live want or isis as it's known expanded into syria in april of last year syrian president bashar al assad has mostly kept his hands off of the group because he saw isis in its own conflict with the same moderate rebels that his government is currently fighting isis has slowed its fighting down in syria over the past few
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days as a group pivots towards iraq at least temporarily now monitoring groups say eastern syria has become a holy ground of sorts for weapons acquired from the battles going on in iraq meanwhile in nearby iran that country is bolstering security along its shared at war with iraq the air force on the border of iran has been given clearance to bomb isis rebels if they come within sixty miles of the border iranian security forces also announced this week that they have deployed two battalions from the revolutionary guard into iraq itself now in iraq the isis groups gained more ground overnight in the eastern province of. and others are heading toward baghdad this after they took control of saddam hussein's birthplace to create a nearby and most school earlier this week fighters stormed army bases in mosul and release hundreds of prisoners to join the fight now also in iraq ethnic kurds are reportedly taking advantage of this instability in the country and have seized the
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oil rich town of kirkuk so the iraqi government is attempting to fight extremists from all directions the iraqi army under saddam hussein used to have a well trained air force. of its own however that was disbanded along with the rest of the army when the us invaded back in two thousand and three the us has been working with the iraqi government for months to hand over thirty six f. sixteen fighter jets however the first two planes will not arrive until september was two more arriving every month after that until twenty sixteen that will poke iraq on par with only two other nations in the region the united arab emirates and saudi arabia and even with the iraqi army getting those first two planes it will not be able to use them immediately it will still take a couple of months to arm the planes and to get them combat ready but defense news networks reported last week that only eight people in the entire country have
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completed basic training to fly f. sixteen fountains and none of those people are combat ready themselves so it could take years for the f. sixteen jets and the pilots to be ready for battle that leaves the iraqi government reliant on the u.s. for help from the sky and fighting alone on the ground in the meantime reporting in washington meghan lopez r t. and in afghanistan voters will be going to the polls on saturday to elect a new president it will be the country's first ever democratic transfer of power but whoever gets the job is going to have to hit the ground running as u.s. troops withdraw further the taliban has been gaining momentum the election is a runoff between the two highest vote getters in the april fifth primary election which saw a surprisingly high turnout and estimated six point six million afghans voted in the primaries adela doll is the former foreign minister he's an ophthalmologist who was a member of the northern alliance fighting against the taliban he finished first in
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the primary with forty five percent of the vote his opponent ashraf ghani. is the former finance minister and a former u.s. citizen who taught at u.c. berkeley and johns hopkins he gave up his passport back in two thousand and nine to run in those elections both are more u.s. friendly than their predecessor hamid karzai who refused to sign an agreement with the u.s. about the future of troops in the country and has been hounded by accusations of corruption took on karzai in the two thousand and nine elections but dropped out claiming widespread voter fraud both candidates are moderates and forecasters do not anticipate the same high turnout that the primaries enjoyed the taliban have declared their intention to disrupt any elections and the harvest season may keep many rural voters at home a low turnout also makes voter fraud more effective which could mean delays in
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assuming office if the results come into question. and on to brazil where day two of the fee for world cup is underway now the ones in spain are now going head to head with spain heavily favored to win while a dutch win would not erase the disappointment of failing to claim their first world cup four years ago setting back spain's campaign for a second cup would be a nice feather in their cap to say the least are teams graham phillips is in brazil and he brings us more on one of tomorrow's big matches. the riemann iris responded closer to some of england's sons as you can see the terms of the proposed spine to induce times for the society's mind to good state to leave for work and see some of the boys who. really should. be a good review to read over to the e.u. or do you polled say they're just good on the street injuries so what's it feel
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like a few weeks or delivery. of the cuts announced that he shall not. take the pain when he talks about how to be happy to see. it works. because he thinks you're doing something different to be. sure your experiences. and speaking of world cup the gulf state of qatar has won the bid to host the two thousand and twenty two feet for world cup in doha construction in building the list sale village is already under way breaking ground back in two thousand and twelve reports say this is a forty five billion dollars venture for the tiny gulf state who experts say oil and natural gas reserves are expected to be depleted by twenty thirty this is why many believe qatar is investing so heavily in this project as we all know
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construction is a dangerous task especially for a project of this scale but what many people don't know is that since the groundbreaking in two thousand and twelve already more than nine hundred laborers have died due to work related incidents in building losail just for some perspective that's about one laborer death every eighteen hours every single day and another thing to consider only twenty five people perished in building the sochi olympic village from start to finish but why is there no global outrage. over this especially since some of the building contractors can be traced right back here to the u.s. i was joined earlier to discuss this stunning humanitarian crisis with slate senior editor jeremy stall i first asked him what the qatari government means when they say not all debts are related to building the stadium their claim and this is kind of you know some weasely language is that these projects are being done not on
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specific the folk world cup projects so they're being done construction projects for infrastructure things like that but when the projects are on cities that are going to be hosting the world cup they are by their nature or will come projects right and there i mean this is building the infrastructure in terms of like. of the metro system that's underway and that's also that's being built i believe by simon's. and these multiply by national multibillion dollar corporations are are setting this whole city and this this essentially faith a village up but yet we're hearing that the conditions where the laborers are working are absolutely atrocious can you tell us more about that that's right the workers who are migrant workers there are imported there basically and immigrate immigrate there basically because the population to tahrir is so small and two
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hundred eighty thousand that they require massive amounts of migrant labor in order to build these huge projects and i think one point four million people have come in to work on. infrastructure projects will come projects etc. over the last few years and the thing about the labor conditions is that you know there's when you go to these camps they don't let journalists in first of all but when journalists are able to get in what they see are cramped living conditions people living together twelve in a room at a time just squalid dirty conditions and you know for the things that they're working on specifically you mentioned building entire city if there's one place called lucille's city it's going to cost forty five billion dollars to build that is for forty five million dollars to build that is
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a city being built from scratch specifically for the purposes of posting the world cup but just to be clear that's actually forty five billion dollars with a bill right that's from all the reports i've read that actually you're right i think i did read forty five billion if it did seem it does seem high to me but that that is correct yes well you know a long stay voile these little tiny oil rich countries like i said the population of them are so tiny and the numbers that you just gave us i mean over one point two million migrant workers have been basically imported end. now most of the deaths though that we're hearing about have not been the qatari themselves tell us more about the people that come to that country for work. these migrant workers are coming from countries where there are opportunities are you know for income are perhaps not as they can't make as much basically so they're coming in with the expectation that they're going to be making very good salaries and what they're experiencing when they get there are are these terrible living conditions but also
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really really old awful work conditions and these are these are people from the philippines and people from pakistan and people from the pol there are people from india since the world cup was ordered to qatar in two thousand and ten the reports have been that twelve hundred people mostly migrant workers from the countries that i just mentioned have died working on projects and the thing to note about how people are dying is that it's the stream conditions of the labor that they're working under it's very very hot in that country and most of the deaths are being attributed to sudden cardiac arrest and these are not like elderly people working on these projects these are people in there in the press in the prime of their lives who are who are passing away because of these strenuous labor conditions are there any reports as admirable remember the signs that are happening because of those conditions get out there there have been cases of suicides reported yes
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the the other thing to know about the. labor system in qatar is that it's a basically. look flavor labor system and that's not an exaggeration to call it that what they do when you arrive in tar. is called because follow labor system and it's the country from every labor system when you arrive as an immigrant there is they take your passport your employer does and you don't get it back until your employer decides that you can have it back so basically you're stuck there you're stuck working under that condition if they decide to schedule that they decide and you can't go home right put it putting as as flame labor as it is actually kind of kind i think from what i understand so some of these contractors working on the world cup the syllabi is our american companies and our western companies by by all standards they have other laws that they have to add here. like here in the states
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there's labor laws stateside that might maybe could apply and protecting some of these migrant workers you know anything about that as a far as i understand it the tare labor laws are what fly there and when there was a bigger uproar about this one month ago e.s.p.n. released a very excellent documentary about the problems taking place in the tar in the guardian has done some amazing reporting on the subject but last month the tory official said that they would be mocked making modifications to the follow labor system that would force employers to return passports and exit visas. if an employee requested it or has been made and they have said that they were going to allow people to keep it but they not implemented this yet and they had made such promises in the past so until the problem is actually fixed you know it shouldn't be considered fixed what have they done anything in terms of the grieving
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families have they done anything to help them have they received any relief or compensation for the loss of their loved ones from what i see people are coming home people are returning home in coffins and that's what people are getting i don't know about specific settlements or anything like that but from what i've seen you know people who have the loved ones return home to them in a coffin just a very very tragic same all right jeremy stall senior editor at slate dot com thanks for your insight thank you so much you know now to the crisis in ukraine russia has accused your crane of sending tanks into their country this comes as residents of the eastern ukrainian city of slovyansk and its suburbs say in february bombs were dropped thursday night on their city by kiev military witnesses claim the bombs may contain phosphorus and the use of incendiary bombs designed to start fires using materials such as napalm white phosphorus or other dangerous
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chemicals is strictly prohibited by the u.n. they can't government says no such weapons were used against civilians meanwhile fighting in the eastern ukraine area continues as residents began to flee r.t.s. paul scott is on the southern russian border where locals are trying to get out of harms way. what you can see a few yards behind me is the russia ukraine border and for many people fleeing the restive aist of ukraine this is their first port of call it's a makeshift temporary holding center now the vast majority of people who are crossing the border have somewhere to go they can stay with friends or family within russia however many simply have nowhere to go no one to turn to and they're completely dependent on the roster of authorities in the last twenty four hours more than six hundred people have crossed the border seeking shelter the majority of them a women and children who are trying to escape uncertainty of life in eastern ukraine
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and this place speaking to a number of them that it's an emotional time that it will lose them. every night we heard shootings explosions multiple rocket launchers. was. going. on my children are with me but my mother and grandmother stayed there people are hiding you know basements and don't seem to realize this will never and the houses are bombed we don't have anything anymore. this is god says that's not those it's scary that the government and the ukrainian media are lying about things they say they organize in humanitarian corridors in there is no sign of that they don't let people leave and keep bombing found. all the authorities in the rostov region are being helped by donations from people all over russia on thursday forty tons of supplies including food water and medicine arrived there with an average of four hundred people crossing the border every day and seeking assistance it's clear that
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in the coming weeks more more aid is going to be needed. say the rest of region. well wave all been there you come down with some strange symptoms and the first thing you do you run to the internet according to a twenty thirteen report put out by the pew research center you're definitely not alone in fact one in three americans say they have gone online to self diagnose a medical condition and oftentimes they turn to with a pedia but now we're finding out that the website may not be a the most reliable source until surprise there are tave america david has the story and when you're feeling under the weather is only natural to want to figure out what's making you sick oftentimes the quickest way to do that is through the internet with sites like wikipedia which provides encyclopedia like answers to a variety of health related questions since its launch in two thousand and one with a pedia has become the most popular general reference site on the internet it
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contains more than thirty one million entries twenty thousand of which deal with different health issues but new research suggests that turning to wikipedia to determine the cause of symptoms could be dangerous in a recent study u.s. researchers found that ninety percent of wikipedia entries about the ten most common medical conditions contained inaccuracy s. and antiquated data we took the wikipedia articles that corresponded with those conditions and compare them to our standard medical reference is pure databases peer reviewed journals we found was that wiki articles had a significant amount of errors compared to our standard references the ten health conditions examined include everything from depression to lung cancer and everything in between for example in the case of hypertension with the p.t.o. sources a recommendation for three separate high blood pressure readings to correctly diagnose the condition however researchers say three is too high and therefore could lead to
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a dangerous delay in treatment but it's not just the patients who are turning to wikipedia for answers according to a report put out by the us. a.m.'s institute for healthcare informatics doctors say the web site is their number one source for health care information in fact fifty percent of physicians say they use wikipedia as a guide to learning more about specific conditions which ultimately helps them treat patients it's the kind of reliance on the tool that has researchers cautioning users to remember that the website is an information sharing platform with multiple unknown editors in response organization points to a recent week of pedia commission survey of its top medical contributors the survey found that roughly fifty percent of them had significant academic backgrounds many of them holding an m d ph d. or master's degree and while the other half didn't have the same credentials website says that it has very high referencing requirements to add the wikipedia
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you need that technique to be based on a high quality secondary source such as a literature review a national or international position statement by a well recognized medical body or a major medical textbook but the concern from researchers isn't just about what can be added it's also about what can be taken out there having drug companies and going at it with the p.t.o. articles to make themselves look a little better and that's also another another downfall to me editing process in the past some drug companies have been accused of altering wiki pedia entries to remove references to harmful side effects in two thousand and nine employees at astra zeneca reportedly deleted a sentence that claimed. a drug treating manic depression had made teenagers more likely to think about harming or killing themselves researchers say that the site could have significant errors and while most are unintentional others are placed there with an ulterior motive and that's why the study recommends that users think
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twice before relying only on wikipedia for health information because while the website is certainly convenient and may not always be correct in washington david our team. all right that does it for now i'm manila chan see you right back here at five. i'm.
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not totally embarrassed was born in the illinois and grew up to be a pro football player he signed a twenty three million dollar contract in two thousand and seven alone with the kansas city chiefs he made a lot of money and then in two thousand and thirteen he became a member of the illinois senate representing the fifteenth district fish according to the illinois state constitution state representatives are required to live in the district they represent so senator harris can by law should live in the fifteenth district but much of that district just poor and senator harris is an x. what ballplayer boys got for her so what's a politician to do the answer to that is now being questioned by the chicago tribune you see sen harris says he lives in a crappy townhouse on a pot holed stretch of road behind a strip mall in harvey it's
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a city in the district terrace represents that has high levels of poverty and unemployment but when reporters went to check out that house harris says he lives and it didn't seem like anyone had lived there for a long time the shades were drawn shut windows were blocked by newspapers a building permit for patching holes was. displayed but that had an expiration date on it that had already passed in other words the house that senator harrison says he lives than in his district appears to be of bad ended and and falling apart meanwhile harris has another house in floss more a place known for its proximity to many country clubs and has a median income that is more than double the national average harris's house there is about double the size of the one in harvey strangely the address for the family nice house is the one he used when he first ran for senate on the federal level in two thousand and eleven he used the fancy address for his own voter registration
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the fancy address is the one on his driver's license and a woman who looked exactly like his wife answered the door at the fancy address when a reporter went to check that house out but she didn't want to answer many questions in other words all evidence points to senator harris living outside of the district he represents a clear violation of his state's constitution all the evidence points to the fact that he'd rather live in a posh house away from the poor people he's supposed to represent which sucks there's a reason for our representatives to live in the same place as the people they're supposed to represent and that's how they're supposed to know what their constituents most want and need it from their government but senator harris like most of our politicians would prefer to live in a nice rich bubble they like to put out a front of being in touch with their constituents when meanwhile that's just an outright lie and in this case it's an outright unconstitutional lie tonight
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let's talk about that by following me on twitter as the rest of the. please it was terrible take a moment very hard to take the plunge again took so long there was a plug hat that had sex with the perfect there are no lines. one one. zero. zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero. zero
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zero. zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero point zero. point. one of. the political. divisions within ukraine are becoming greater with each passing day the western backed regime in game shows no interest in compromise or negotiations at the same time civilians in the east continue to die is going for broke. one of the underwater home arm in a washington d.c. bank a new polish face time spent on peter limone. money .


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